Los \lōs\ spanish (plural) a. the bthem

  Carlos Gabriel Castro is AKA LOS. Those who have seen Los perform his brand of Rock & Soul describe him as larger than life. Take songcraft, soulful vocals, and fretboard fireworks, then add loopers and multiple effects. But then he connects through gifted storytelling and a sharp wit. It makes for a surprisingly full sonic experience.~Portland, OR  

An engaging performer and a surefire hit with audiences!”

Ava Roasteria


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The Evening Muse

Los 7

2017: Looking back or looking forward?!

2017 came and went so fast that by the time this posts, this is arguably either the last post of the year or the first post of 2018. Along the way we met lots of nice people, didn't we! There will be plenty…

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Spark Portland 2017

On Feb 23rd I was honored to play at the stunning location @hotel_lucia for the @gray_magazine sponsored Spark Portland 2017 featuring high end vendors like @cambriaquartz @kohlerco @floform @mdcwall @gerflor_usa @meyer_wells and @refitportland1 Special mention and a round applause goes…

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Winter Break!

After writing one song per week over the past 52 weeks, I have decided to take a much deserved three month winter break! I survived 2016 which I think I speak for most when I say it was a tough…

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Art & Tragedy

  One of my latest songs is a tragedy named The Bird. An audience member asked me if I ever write "simple" songs. The answer is yes. However I do prefer topics with a little more substance. Now, I do not…Read more
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Songwriting: ideas

The world gives an unending supply of inspiration. Each idea is a seed that will germinate, if we cultivate it. Some of us play with words only when we have time. Others may clock in and wait for inspiration at their notepad, iPad, or…

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ALL age appropriate shows!

I'll keep this brief. I'm a dad. And because I love children, I choose to play all age appropriate music. And though my kids are grown, my commitment continues so that now you and your kids get to enjoy great music together! You deserve…Read more

What is Latin Blues?

    The whole world has the blues! Sharing similar structure and minor tonalities with its American sibling, it has a decidedly more percussive nature and because of its preference to swing rather than shuffle, is marked by its sultrier, more elegant nature. It is…

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Tougher than the rest

  Playing smaller venues can bruise a musician's ego. That is IF the reason they are there is to seek validation. However, it can be very uplifting for those who play for artistic integrity and or enjoy the personal connection…

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Rattle Tale

Good morning! How ARE you? No, really. How are YOU? And HOW?! Please, don’t get upset. Mental illness is a serious matter. It’s very real. As much as no one wants to talk about it, it affects families, and…

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