Saying that Los plays music would be understating it. He feels the music. He becomes the music...”

Chris Casale (Singer-Songwriter)

  It started when he heard fuzzed out spanish guitars while his father watched spaghetti westerns and then literally fell on an old guitar in the back of his grandmother's closet but, for the Portland transplant, his path was made clear during California's "shredder" 80's when he watched Stevie Ray Vaughan perform an incendiary set on Austin City Limits. He was hooked on the blues!

  His countless hours of guitar practice were rewarded when he inherited a '72 Martin D-35 from a retired bluegrass pro, and then to top it all off, he found himself under the tutelage of some of SoCal's finest studio musicians during his restless stints with R&B, rock and pop bands while the dust from grunge rock settled. Even though the music business has seen tough times, he gratefully credits his teachers and mentors for fostering his love for ALL good music which has helped him weather toil as a side man.

 Since relocating from California, he co-founded Acoustic Anything with Bellow Bridge's Phil Hitt, and fronted the power trio Los & Found. He's recently concentrated on writing his own songs. More than three decades of musical immersion and the reality of life have transpired. Los' lyrics now paint a portrait of a complex mind with a simple heart and although primarily a blues guitarist with a penchant for flamenci, Los also sketches at the boundaries of genres as diverse as Latin, soul, funk, jazz, world, rock, and pop. It displays depth, range, and perhaps even provides a glimpse of both his romantic Latin heritage, and the optimistic exuberance of his youth. 

Love has memory, everlasting history, I will always love you...even when I’m gone”

— "Because of Love" * (excerpt)



Sam Cooke

Steve Perry



Stevie Ray Vaughan

Robben Ford

Carlos Santana

Vicente Amigo



Los plays a Beedlove Stage Auditorium prototype (LR Baggs VTC preamp)

Los plays a Beedlove Stage Auditorium prototype (LR Baggs VTC preamp)

Lessons learned

  Putting family first, he is now free to play music. He has played with and guested with many great bands around the Portland metro area ranging from celtic, to polynesian and acoustic to electric. Meanwhile, he has been writing songs prolifically, material he hopes will be for an album that he feels can showcase his versatility, while remaining cohesive.

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