Saying that Los plays music would be understating it. He feels the music. He becomes the music...”

Chris Casale (Singer-Songwriter)

Music has always fascinated Los Castro. He has vivid memories of hiding behind a sofa while his father watched spaghetti westerns only to stand slack jawed with eyes closed. While other boys took nervous drags from a cigarrette, he breathed in smokey soundtracks by the likes of Ennio Morricone and other sonic visionaries. The sounds of fuzzed out spanish guitars transported and called out to him, and when he fell on an old guitar in the back of his grandmother's closet, it would be more literal than surprise. His love of the blues came unexpectedly during the "shredder 80's when he watched Stevie Ray Vaughan combine Albert King with Jimi Hendrix, all while dressed as a Mariachi-Samourai. Los was hooked!

  He had wanted a strat but, none-the-less his countless hours of guitar practice were rewarded when he inherited a '72 Martin D-35 from a retired bluegrass pro, and then to top it all off, he found himself under the tutelage of some of SoCal's finest studio musicians during his restless stints with R&B, rock and pop bands while the dust from grunge rock settled. Even though the music business has seen its share of tough times, Los gratefully credits his teachers and mentors for helping him endure the changes by fostering and nurturing his love of ALL good music, it served him well during his tenure as a side man.

His  children gone, he relocated to Portland, Oregon to find the proper creative headspace. Los co-founded Acoustic Anything with Bellow Bridge's Phil Hitt, fronted the power trio Los & Found and then teamed up with Singer-Songwriter Chris Casale in The Ready. After taking some time to regroup to write new material, he is now back with a new lease on life and an exciting new band. 

Love has memory, everlasting history, I will always love you...even when I’m gone”

— "Because of Love" * (excerpt)


Crushed and crying young Walt Sayler Bush walked home alone from the 6th grade. In his pocket was his music report card.

Talent — F
Ability — F
Potential — F

Undoubtedly he’d had problems with his music teacher. She wanted him to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb. He played “Wipe Out!”
Walt ripped up the report card and vowed to never play drums again.
However, that weekend there was a band practicing at the park. And they were looking for musicians.  Anyone could join. No matter how bad you were, if you promised to work hard, you could be part of “The Band.”
For five years, in the heat of California sun, the instructors of the LA Brass Band taught him focus and discipline. They became his biggest musical influences. With that band, he performed at the LA Convention Center, The San Diego Sports Arena, and Madison Square Gardens. The music ranged from Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon” to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” to Ernesto Lecuona’s “Malagueña.”

As a high school senior Walt won and dedicated his VHS “Best Musician” award  to his 6-grade music teacher, Mrs. Thompson! Walt has played drums and percussion for San Diego favorites, The Succulent Greens and The Midnight Sun, and Boxer. After years pursuing other creative interests, Walt has returned to provide the rhythmic backbone to The Tide


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