An engaging performer and a surefire hit with audiences!”

Ava Roasteria

About Los

  Los Castro’s earliest memories involve music. His mother's family all sang. Growing up in Central California's rural melting pot further helped him aquire an ear that would later turn him into a musical chameleon.

     The guitar seemed to choose Los. While helping arrange his grandmother's storage literally fell onto an old guitar. He had wanted a strat but, none-the-less this would do. Countless practice hours later, his hunger paid off. A retired bluegrass pro asked him to care for his prized Martin D-35. While others jumped onto the grunge rock train, he  found himself being  mentored by some of SoCal's finest studio musicians during his fond stint with Pop rock latin and R&B bands. Even though the music business has seen its share of tough times, Los gratefully credits his teachers and mentors for helping him endure the changes by fostering and nurturing his love of ALL good music, it served him well during his tenure as a side man.

  With his children gone, he met the love of his life and relocated to Portland, Oregon to seek a creative outlet. Soon after, Los co-founded Acoustic Anything with Bellow Bridge's Phil Hitt, then fronted the power trio Los & Found, then teamed up with Singer-Songwriter Chris Casale in The Ready. After being diagnosed with cancer, Los took time to reflect on life During that harrowing year he wrote one letter a week. He say matter-of-factly it was "Just in case things went south," Those 52 good-bye letters to his kids and his now late wife were notes on love, loyalty, family, and forgiveness, His doctor noting his intense nature, suggested that he perform those songs as therapy which, he did in a solo act. After receiving a clean bill of health, he is back with a new lease on life, and an exciting new trio! In many ways The Los Castro Trio is a celebration of life!

Saying that Los plays music would be understating it. He feels the music. He becomes the music...”

Chris Casale (Singer-Songwriter)

About The Trio

 Much like the tide, good music should lift, move, and affect as it swells. It can be beautiful and unpredictable at times, kind of the way The Los Castro Trio came together.

  Los Castro met Walt Bush during a photo shoot. The conversation was fast and friendly but, very quickly got deep. Los is an intuitive songwriter and therefore assessed that someone as professional as Walt, who had such keen insights into a musician's mind as Walt was, it would stand to reason that they'd have to be a musician of some caliber. It turns out, Walt is a great drummer. And since Los had just finished Cancer treatment, it was time to put a band together! So he called up bass ace Lyle Peterson to help solidify the trio. They had an affinity for Kind of Blue, both the color of the ocean and Miles Davis’ album. They are all men of faith who share a love for family, friends, fitness, and food. And then there's the music. They agreed with Los' premise: at any BB-Q on any given day, the songs everyone could appreciate would probably be a Modern Vintage, combining the best elements of Latin, blues, rock, and soul. It would groove, and it would feel good. The mutual admiration is quite palpable!


Crushed and crying young Walt Sayler Bush walked home alone from the 6th grade. In his pocket was his music report card.

Talent — F
Ability — F
Potential — F

Undoubtedly he’d had problems with his music teacher. She wanted him to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb. He played “Wipe Out!”
Walt ripped up the report card and vowed to never play drums again.
However, that weekend there was a band practicing at the park. And they were looking for musicians.  Anyone could join. No matter how bad you were, if you promised to work hard, you could be part of “The Band.”
For five years, in the heat of California sun, the instructors of the LA Brass Band taught him focus and discipline. They became his biggest musical influences. With that band, he performed at the LA Convention Center, The San Diego Sports Arena, and Madison Square Gardens. The music ranged from Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon” to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” to Ernesto Lecuona’s “Malagueña.”

As a high school senior Walt won and dedicated his VHS “Best Musician” award  to his 6-grade music teacher, Mrs. Thompson! Walt has played drums and percussion for San Diego favorites, The Succulent Greens and The Midnight Sun, and Boxer. After years pursuing other creative interests, Walt has returned to provide the rhythmic backbone to The Los Castro Trio.


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