I have an upcoming show in one week’s time. If you’ve been following along, you’d know by now that I went solo not long ago. And if that isn’t enough to get buttterflies in the stomache, coffee houses are now asking for ALL original music. That’s three hours of no covers. So, in order to keep things fresh, exciting, and most of all unique, I recently came up with a new process that would allow me to gain efficient momentum. I had made a goal to write all new material for my upcoming shows. After taking a step back I came up with this acronym:
L.I.M.E represents a cleansing of the metaphorical palate if you will. For example, let’s say a sculptor were to read a poem while listening to a song. Then he or she immediately sketches the first thing their mind’s eye sees. They can then goes into their studio and now slowly begin to sculpt how they feel after overwhelming their senses with this barrage of creative mediums. It’s kind of like the telephone game but instead of trying to remember words, they are now remembering how they felt. One can hone and grow specific strengths. It’s not unlike working out past fatigued muscles in the gym. Try this the next time you are seeking a quick burst of originality.
My original goal was 8 songs in one month to six weeks. I would have been happy enough with an average of 2 songs per week. But, in the end, I wound up with 12 songs!!! BONUS! Title, chords, lyrics, and even solos. Try this and then come back and tell me how this works for you! What have you got to lose, right!

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