Los \lōs\ spanish (plural) a. the bthem

  Carlos Gabriel Castro is AKA LOS. Those who have seen Los perform his brand of Rock & Soul describe him as larger than life. Take songcraft, soulful vocals, and fretboard fireworks, then add loopers and multiple effects. But then he connects through gifted storytelling and a sharp wit. It makes for a surprisingly full sonic experience.~Portland, OR  

An engaging performer and a surefire hit with audiences!”

Ava Roasteria


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The Evening Muse

Coffee house music

I survived another “new business” gig this weekend. Not going to lie, it is a LOT of work trying to gauge how to bring in bodies to a new business. Every area has it’s niche, demographic, and attitude. We all…

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Why now?!

As a true product of the 60’s, everyone pretty much expected Carlos “Los” Castro to grow up be a musician but, life threw some unexpected twists. He was born into a huge family of angelic Oldies/Soul voices. (such as his

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Supporting Local Businesses

I have a very small favor to ask of my music loving friends:
I am COMMITTED to help local businesses thrive! So, WILL YOU HELP ME drive new LOCAL BUSINESSES?! For example; two of the newest venues I play

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  I have an upcoming show in one week’s time. If you’ve been following along, you’d know by now that I went solo not long ago. And if that isn’t enough to get buttterflies in the stomache, coffee houses are…

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“Are you any good?”

So, here’s the rub. I have a co-worker who frequently comes to me for help with problem solving. He says it’s because he can tell I take pride in all I do. Glad to help! This last time I seized…

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1st solo gig

Ok, I survived my first gig! I arrived to a place so new, even Google couldn’t find it. Fortunately, I am notorious for over prepping and arrive on time…to an empty room. The staff is young, hopeful, and eager to…

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Debut Days

There is definitely song material lurking…

Ok, this is my actual first post and where do I start? Feels like I just dropped my youngest daughter off a few minutes ago but, I just read in her blog, that she…

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