1st solo gig


Ok, I survived my first gig! I arrived to a place so new, even Google couldn’t find it. Fortunately, I am notorious for over prepping and arrive on time…to an empty room. The staff is young, hopeful, and eager to please. Lemons into lemonade right? Undeterred, I decide to play for them to warm up. I quickly turn to my old fr-enemy, the social media, and I make a last minute post. I get an immediate response of 3 supporters. Not much to go on but, under these circumstances, I’m not complaining. I use my new jokes and tell a couple of personal anecdotes. It worked! I get a very enthusiastic response. Now there are 8 people if you count staff. I start finding my stride and even manage to try out 4 originals that go over well. So well in fact, that I start improvising lyrics and start using my loop pedal on the fly so that I can change gears into my old trusted lead guitar mode. Except without my usual trusty tube amp and boutique pedal board. But, it’s ok. Because 4 people out for a casual stroll, walk in to see what’s going on. I feel a sudden surge and start hamming it up and just as I proudly collect my smiles out of them, the owners and their family walk in followed by a small crowd. And then another. (Gulp!) I quickly  play it off and “downshift” by playing something breezy. They kindly come over to personally thank me so I reciprocate by thanking and inviting all the atendees to frequent this new establishment. Applause ensues and we all enjoy a Scooby Doo ending. See you all Aug. 15th …onward!

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