Songwriting: ideas

The world gives an unending supply of inspiration. Each idea is a seed that will germinate, if we cultivate it. Some of us play with words only when we have time. Others may clock in and wait for inspiration at their notepad, iPad, or laptop. But, sometimes lyrics come out of nowhere. At least it may lay buried within layers of our conscousness. Perhaps we read it or heard it during an interview and it resonated somewhere within the farthest recesses of our mind. Here's my latest example.

 "I love you like a broken bird that can only say 'I'm sorry'

Such is the case for me. I was listening to someone say they had adopted a parrot at an animal shelter. That in itself was tragic enough. But, the irony that they wanted to take it back because it could only say one thing was not lost on me. Now, it may or may not be anything at all but, at the very least, you bet it will be explored. And this my friends is how we ply our craft.
Does this line speak to you?! Feel free to comment. ~Los

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