Art & Tragedy

  One of my latest songs is a tragedy named The Bird. An audience member asked me if I ever write "simple" songs. The answer is yes. However I do prefer topics with a little more substance. Now, I do not "hate" on modern music for its simplicity. I simply wish there to be more heart. More about love and innocence and less about carnal desire. And, I know that many people argue that "life is pain" But why dwell ONLY on the tragic for the sake of street cred?! The great tragedy of art is not in portraying pain because, that is how life resolves, and therein lies the beauty. No, the tragedy is when art seeks and makes its home in the horror...without growing, without learning, it dwells in the flames of horror stagnant in its own ignorance only to quickly burn out.  Those that know me know that I often speak of the blues of the world.  It exists in Irish ballad, Flamenco, tango, ranchera, and of course, the blues. Yet, it is all the same. It is simply art on a different canvas. We must not only purge, we must also find a way to forgive. If here is heartbreak, there must also be healing. Otherwise lost. Thank you for considering my words. It is not my intent to offend. I feel a moral compulsion to educate, not to berate or "hate" on anyone. ~Los

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