ALL age appropriate shows!

I'll keep this brief. I'm a dad. And because I love children, I choose to play all age appropriate music. And though my kids are grown, my commitment continues so that now you and your kids get to enjoy great music together! You deserve it! One of the main reasons I still love playing in coffee houses is so that my grandkids can come to my shows (yes, I'm a "papa" now) 
 As a songwriter I take good advice anywhere I can get it. Even though I do not write books, when I write songs I heed Mark Twain's counsel to "write what you know." I do know something about family. Love. And even heartbreak. I try to write as if I was speaking to my personal friends & family. I also believe that music should be all inclusive and accessible to all. Why shouldn't your kids get to spend quality time with you and enjoy the arts and entertainment too! 
  As one little kiddie told me, I even smell like his dad. Wow. Now, I know this may not sound complimentary to you, but, trust me when I say, to a boy, this is of the highest order! I may not mind kids but, my kids mind me. Why? Trust. Other than bad dad jokes, you have nothing to worry about at my shows. So, the next time you see me playing and your talented kid is curious about music, trust me, make time to say hi for their sake!

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