Friday Night Bites


  Summer kicked off with a bang! Collective Kitchen in Hillsboro, OR hosts an event on the last friday of the month from May-August. If you haven't had the chance to check out Main Street lately, it is just a half a block from the courthouse. It's a smaller food festival, that you've might have missed out on, something fun for the whole family! I was asked to play at their June 30th event. There was a very nice crowd! It was just as enthusiastic as it was supportive of the music, the food, and of the collaborative spirit shared in this blossoming Hillsboro business district! The four food trucks collaborating this time were Smoked PDX Texas style BBQ, Momo Hawaiian shaved ice, Mister Tacos, and Bees Neez Sausages. Libations were supplied by the D'Anu Wine tasting room, and pastries could be ogled and sampled nearby at the ever tasty Decadent Creations! My gracious host was Larry Rivera, owner, proprietor, and resident rockstar of Boro Burger . His own food truck will be featuring his insane monster burger creations at next month's July event. He took me around and introduced me to some of the food truck proprietors before the event started. Then we tried out a colossal beef torta that was built for two!

  It was a sunny 80° and it was time to entertain. The older ones liked my acoustic set. But, so many kiddies came to the stage so, I played some of my bouncier, poppier stuff for them to dance. Now, perhaps it was because I brought my trusty stratocaster out for a spin after repairs, or maybe it was the smokey smells coming from Smoke PDX but, as the afternoon wore on I was inspired to play edgier, then bluesier, next thing ya know I was in full wah workout guitar mode. It got hotter but, the crowd hardly flinched, they embraced it with beer, wine and sunscreen. Then something came over me and the next thing I knew, I was writing "Collective Kitchen blues" on the spot. I know, it's a bit out there for a family event. But, they almost seemed to expect it. They even asked for more. Not only will I re-pupose it,  I think the working title of "Together Forever" is actually fitting because, this "less competition. more collaboration" mentality makes sense. It seems smarter and more conducive to good business. We were all moved to take risks, to meet the new, and to embrace change. Or maybe Hillsboro, Oregon just...gets it. 

  I had so much fun that I will be back to Friday Night Bites in July but, just to savor more tasty food, and pastries, and well, we can't forget the wine!~Los


  • jimmy
    jimmy london
    good post

    good post

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    Los Castro Music
    Thanks for the kind words!

    Thanks for the kind words!

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