Winter Break!

After writing one song per week over the past 52 weeks, I have decided to take a much deserved three month winter break! I survived 2016 which I think I speak for most when I say it was a tough year in many respects but, in many ways very fulfilling. I wrote 52 songs, tightened up my material, I opened for the Sons of Malarkey album release, and added two valuable tools to my arsenal. I can finally say that I am comfortable enough to call myself a singer-songwriter. I've always been either a musician or a singer but, never both. Many heartfelt thanks to the friends and family members that supported me and put up with what is truly a lonely & humbling personal pursuit especially after putting music on the backburner because family life should come first. To come out swinging at this age is daunting and almost unheard of. Thanks again and stay in touch!~Los

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