Rattle Tale


Good morning! How ARE you? No, really. How are YOU? And HOW?! Please, don’t get upset. Mental illness is a serious matter. It’s very real. As much as no one wants to talk about it, it affects families, and even the best of friends. They need help. Our compassion and empathy helps take the sting out of getting that much needed help before it’s too late. “Rattle Tale” was written with a very close friend in mind. Yeah…It was around this time of year when I got the news. These are the lyrics you will hear when you get the chance to hear it... It’s gonna get real.
“Rattle Tale”

She was only a kid
She went too fast no good byes
And you know
It’s getting harder to let go
We were the best of close friends
Of that no one can deny
but no matter just how tough
Can’t help it but to cry

It’s too often that we say
Just call when you need
And too often it’s too late

Im gonna rattle your cage
Ask if you’re really fine
Make you see how much I care
If I lay claim to what’s mine
It’s too often that we say
Call me IF you need
And too often we’re too late
That’s why I rattled your cage

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